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I will complete 'Section B - Education Details' of the PEP before the PEP meeting, ensuring that any data that is carried over from the previous PEP by the system is still correct and adding any new information. *
I will review and update Section A with the Social Worker at the PEP meeting and mark complete *
I will give the Young Person the opportunity to share their views so that they may contribute to the PEP Meeting. *
I will attend the PEP meeting and within ten days of the PEP meeting taking place I will complete 'Section D - The PEP Meeting' and ‘Targets’. Marking the PEP as complete and entering the next PEP meeting date. *
If requested the document will be amended within ten school days of the request being made *
I will carry out any actions arising from the PEP meeting *
I will enter the Progress and Attainment Data on ePEP at the end of terms 2, 4 and 6 for all my learners. *
The school will make available to VSK all Key Stage 2, Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 examination results for recording on ePEP on the day of release *
I will inform the ePEP Team if my list of learners on ePEP is incorrect. *
I understand that every child in care requires at least one PEP meeting every 6 months *

Please be aware that ePEP Accounts are subject to deactivation after 7 months inactivity. To ensure your account remains active please login to your account at least once every 7 months. To reactivate an account a new user agreement shall require completion.

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